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The V-Beam is an advanced pulsed dye laser that delivers an intense pulse of gentle burst of light into selective targets of skin.

What kind of problems does the V-Beam treat?

- V- Beam can treat any vascular lesions on the body.  Examples include broken capillaries or telengectasias,  portwine stains, hemangiomas or  angiomas, venous lakes, leg veins

- Pink or red marks from acne, stretch marks that are new or pink.

- warts that are resistant to standard therapy

How does it work?

It is a noninvasive Flashlamp-Pulsed dye laser that delivers “pulses” of intense concentrated light through a hand-piece.  The light is absorbed by blood vessels in the dermis. Your body reabsorbs the damaged blood vessels and results in removal of the surface redness or capillaries.

Who does the treatment

Dr Singh-Behl, a Board certified dermatologist with a fellowship in MOHS Micrographic Surgery and Cutaneous Laser Surgery, performs the treatment. If interested in treatment, please make a consultation appointment with her at 847-480-0004.  For most patients, treatment can be performed the same day.

What about pain?

The feelings most patients describe is a warm or tingling sensation or a “rubber band snapping.”  No pain medication is required but a topical anesthetic can be used. The integrated Dynamic Cooling Device (DCD), unique to V-Beam, delivers a cooling mist before the laser pulse is emitted.  This cooling mist allows for greater comfort during treatment and protects the skin from side effects like redness.

What about Safety?

Pulsed Dye laser technology has been used for the treatment of portwine stains and hemangiomas in children since 1980’s. V-Beam’s exclusive dynamic cooling method, (DCD), emits a cooling mist onto the targeted skin before each laser pulse. This injury selectively cools the epidermis, preventing thermal injury, while leaving the targets in the dermis at the normal temperature. The end result is maximal patient comfort without anesthesia, and protection of skin during treatment.

Are the results permanent?

Promising 100% removal is unrealistic. However for most patients, the improvement is in the range of 70-90% lasting for 2-3 years. The number of treatments needed will depend on a number of factors which are unique to each individual. Generally 2-3 sessions are needed, scheduled at 4-6 weeks.  Touch up treatments can be scheduled for recurring vessels in the future. For the “rudiness” of rosacea, more treatments may be needed requiring touch ups in 1-2 years.

Side Effects

Some patients may experience mild redness and swelling that lasts for a few hours.  Rarely, purpura, a laser bruise may occur and resolves in 3-5 days. By avoiding aspirin before treatment and using cool compresses for the first day after treatment one can decrease these possible side effects

What about care of skin before or after laser?

It is recommended that you avoid Retin A products 1-2 days before treatment. To avoid bruising please discontinue aspirin or aspirin like products 2 weeks prior to procedure.

After laser, for the first 2-3 days wash your face with a gentle cleanser avoiding any scrubs or abrasive material.  Apply a gentle facial moisturizer. Do not resume Retin A for 2-3 night after treatment.  It is recommended to avoid sun-exposure for the next several days and use sun-block at all times.




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