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By Dr. Divya Singh-Behl
September 15, 2014
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Why People are Fascinated With Wine for Health Benefits
A fine wine goes well with a fancy meal or a plate of cheese. But can wine also benefit us for health purposes? It’s been proven that what you eat and drink affects your weight and overall health. For people who enjoy a glass of wine here and there, studies suggest that wine could be beneficial to the appearance of the skin.  
What Makes Wine a Beauty Treatment?
Extensive research and data has been collected about the connection between beauty and a glass of wine. It’s been noted that red wine contains a key ingredient for destroying free radicals that damage the skin’s cells—it’s called antioxidants (polyphenols). If polyphenols prevent cell oxidation, it can possibly give you a glow, reducing the appearance of aging.
Is the One-Glass-a-Day Theory Correct?
People believed a glass of red wine a day would improve heart health and heart-related issues, but there are too many factors to guarantee such results. However, red wine is a source of antioxidants, so it may benefit the skin.
If you are 21 or over, you are free to choose if a glass of red wine once in awhile will be a source for antioxidants. However, if you don’t enjoy wine or can’t consume alcohol, we prefer you try incorporating more fruits, vegetables, and nuts into your diet, like the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet requires. This diet plan is rich in antioxidants—perfect for balancing and brightening the skin.
If your skin issues run deeper than lackluster skin color, we can help you find the right treatment for your skin tone and type. Deerfield Dermatology Associates offers a number of skin treatments and procedures to tighten, clear, and brighten skin. It’s a matter of taking action! Contact us at (847) 480-0004.


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