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By Deerfield Dermatology Associates
July 28, 2015
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Dermal FillersAre you one of the many Deerfield residents unhappy with your appearance due to fine lines, wrinkles, sagging skin and other common aging symptoms? If so, a trip to Deerfield Dermatology Associates for dermal facial filler injections may be just what you need. Read over this list of dermal facial filler frequently asked questions and then call your dermatologist at Deerfield Dermatology Associates to determine a treatment plan that is just right for you.

What Are Dermal Fillers?

Dermal facial fillers are injections that are given in order to reverse the signs of aging and to restore the skin's youthful vitality once again. Dermal fillers can be used to restore facial volume and fullness, diminish wrinkles and fine lines, plump thin lips and improve the appearance of certain scars.

Dermal fillers typically offer a cheaper and more natural-looking alternative to more invasive procedures such as face lifts, eye lifts and brow lifts. They are perfect for people who would like to give their skin a little boost without having to undergo surgery.

Are Dermal Fillers Safe?

Dermal fillers are considered to be a safe cosmetic procedure, although they are not without their risks. Common risks associated with dermal facial fillers include redness, bruising, swelling, acne, asymmetry, scarring and over or under-correction.

What is the Procedure for Getting Dermal Fillers?

The procedure for getting dermal fillers is quite simple. First, your dermatologist will assess and map your face to determine what injections are needed and where they will be given. Next, your skin will be cleansed, and you may be given a painkiller if needed. The procedure is generally not too painful, however. Your dermatologist may also mark the areas where you will be given the injections.

Once your skin has been prepared, your dermatologist will administer your injections, massage the area and evaluate for optimal results. Lastly, once you and your dermatologist are happy with the results, your face will be cleansed again, and you'll be ready to return home. You may be offered an ice pack or medication for the pain, but these are generally not needed.

Are Dermal Fillers Permanent?

The effects of dermal fillers do wear off over time. Speak to your dermatologist before treatment to find out how long your treatment is likely to last and what you can expect as it begins to wear off.

If you're ready to reclaim your younger, more vibrant appearance, visiting Deerfield Dermatology Associates for dermal facial fillers is one excellent way to do just that. Call and speak to one of our dermatologists to set up an appointment today!



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