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By Deerfield Dermatology Associates
April 05, 2016
Category: Acne Treatment
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Acne can be a challenging problem but there is an effective treatment out there for you!

Acne happens to most people at some point during their lives. While many people think acne is reserved for those formidable teen acne treatmentyears only, you’d be surprised how many adults still deal with acne. No matter your age, if you are dealing with the common skin problem then it’s time to talk to one of our Deerfield dermatologists about your options.

At-Home Care

Good skin care starts at home. While there are certainly treatments and medications your skin doctor in Deerfield, IL can prescribe, here are some handy tips for how to eliminate your acne through personal care:

While you should certainly wash your skin daily it’s important not to over wash. Limit yourself to no more than twice a day, as washing more often can make acne symptoms worse.

Always choose a mild face wash and warm (but not hot!) water for washing your skin. Water that is too hot can also exacerbate your acne.

Don’t pick at your skin. While it might be tempting to squeeze pimples, doing so could scar your skin. If you need to have acne extracted come into our Deerfield, IL dermatological office for a proper extraction.

Wear non-comedogenic makeover and sunscreen, which is less likely to block your pores. If you wear makeup, limit how much you use and how often you use it.

Seeing your Dermatologist

Even while incorporating these tips into our daily routine don’t expect acne to change overnight. It may take a couple weeks to see results. If you don’t notice a change in your acne outbreaks here are some ways we can help:

We can prescribe certain medications like antibiotics, topical retinoids, oral contraception (for hormone-related acne outbreaks) or Isotretinoin.

Those with severe acne may take a combination of antibiotics and topical medications to reduce the severity and frequency of their outbreaks. If these treatments aren’t successful, the next step is to prescribe Isotretinoin medication.

Just like with at-home skin care, it can take up a couple months before your treatments take their full effect. While it can be frustrating it’s important to stay patient and to continue taking your medication. Trust us; you will see results, it may just take a month or more.

Acne doesn’t have to take over your life. Before it starts to affect both your appearance and your quality of life turn to the expert dermatological team at Deerfield Dermatology Associates to get the results you’ve been looking for.



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